asafo_small_largeHere are some related terms. Asafo Nyansafo(Akan) means “wise person who is also a warrior.” Obenyn means “warriorhood”.

Medase pa to Obadele Kambon for these concepts.

I’ve listed some characteristic/behaviors that I’ve learned about Obenyn.

Medase pa to Mwalimu Baruti for teaching this in his book, Asafo: A Warrior’s Guide to Manhood

Please consider the following(at least) before self-appointing yourself as a member of the warrior-class.

  • An Afrikan warrior scholar refuses to be at peace with anything less than the total liberation of his people.
  • An Afrikan warrior scholar daily affirms that “I am an Afrikan warrior, a warrior scholar. I refuse to be at peace with anything less.”
  • An Afrikan warrior scholar is culturally and politically a PanAfrikan nationalist.
  • An Afrikan warrior scholar an educator, not a teacher.
  • An Afrikan warrior scholar is a doer, a nationbulider, a maker of his people’s way.
  • An Afrikan warrior scholar is a nonintellectual in that he practically applies his knowledge. He does not see war waged in some debate, whether great of small.
  • An Afrikan warrior scholar does not pass on his miseducation. He corrects it. He educates himself so that he can teach an ancient Afrikan truth.
  • An Afrikan warrior scholar unconditionally respects Afrikan women. He is their defender, their lover, their divine complement.
  • An Afrikan warrior scholar is an entrepereneur. He distngusihes wealth from income and power from influence.
  • An Afrikan warrior scholar pursues empowerment, not subintegration.
  • An Afrikan warrior scholar is a perimeter defender. He is the first line of defense for our people, for our most valuable resourses, our elders, women and children.
  • An Afrikan warrior scholar words cut deep and clean. No one leaves with doubt as to his intent.
  • An Afrikan warrior scholar protects his daughters from misguided sons and sons from confused peers.
  • An Afrikan warrior scholar is determined to challenge any and every hostile affront to his culture, ourstory and people, no matter the consequences.
  • An Afrikan warrior scholar understands that we are at war and acts accordingly.


Peace and Medase,


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