Jegna is an Ethiopian (Amharic) word that means “a very brave person who is a protector of a culture, the rights of his or her people and their land.”

A jegna is more than a “leader.” She or he is someone who is not afraid to speak truth to power, is uncompromised, full of integrity and at the very core of his or her being sees the welfare and protection of their people as paramount. They are literally prepared to die for the community they represent.

It refers to those who are altruistically commited, out of an unqualified duty to their people and nation, to teach our children the art an science of a politically concscious adulthood.

Jegna (Jenoch, plural form) are those special people who have (1) been tested in struggle or battle (2) demonstrated extraordinary and unusual fearlessness, (3) shown determination and courage in protecting her/her peoples, land and culture, (4) shown diligence and dedication to our people, (5) produced an exceptionally high quality of work, and (6) have dedicated themselves to the protection, defense, nurturance and developement of our young by advancing our people. place, and culture.

-Wade W. Nobles (“From Na Ezaleli to the Jenoch”)


Note:  When honoring these Afrikan individuals, jegna should be used instead of mentor because Mentor is derived from the mythical Greek character Mentor who Odysseus left to care for and educate his son Telemachus in his absence. As with every other “mentor” in ancient Greek society, a significant part of his role as a teacher and guardian was to personally introduce his ward to a homosexual sexstyle.

-Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti


5 thoughts on “Jegna

    • Jegna seems more appropriate than mentor.
      I was not aware of the origins of mentor.
      I certainly will not like to be thought of as mentoring anyone. Let’s go with JEGNA.

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  2. This post is excellent. Yesterday, I was listening to a Kemetic priest speak about Jegna and it’s meaning. The certainly and culturally trumps the use, meaning, purpose and practice of the life-deteriorating term “mentor”.
    JEGNA flourish!

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