Review: Between God and Gangsta Rap

Between God and Gangsta Rap

Extravagant Rhetoric

While I’m one of Michael Jordan’s biggest fans, Dyson’s attempt (in Crossing Over Jordan) to make Jordan a successor of Joe Louis and Jackie Robinson fails because Jordan has never confronted a segregated society or white authority.  This critical dimension of  “Black athletic heroism” is missing.  Jordan’s battles, by no means meager, were fought and remained on the court.  Sorry Mike. (Jordan and Dyson)

If you have the patience to sift through the superfluous speak of a self-proclaimed intellectual you may find some nuggets of interest.  I found his views on affirmative action and Dr. Martin Luther King interesting and different.  However, these are few a far between in book which is a virtually a compilation of album reviews and rants from a sycophant.

Furthermore, from reading Black Bourgeoisie (by Franklin E. Frazier) I learned that sometimes bourgeoisie blacks will emerge themselves in a particular facet of Black culture, in many cases “Negro music”.  Although physical and socially removed their people they and claim cultural ties to their “blackness” through the music they’ve studied.  Dyson has done this with rap and with great finesse.

Some should explain to Mr. Dyson(and his white readership) that if you need an interpreter for a rap album then, maybe it isn’t meant for your consumption.


(written:  12/16/2004)


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