Review: Soul On Ice

Soul On Ice
Eldridge Cleaver


Eldridge Cleaver shared in his honest, raw, revealing and unapologetic autobiography, a collection of memoirs, essays and vignettes that changed the way I view my experience and society as a whole.  His passion and eloquence made this book very easy to read and hard to put down.  Eldridge is a heroic iconoclast!

I particularly enjoyed his portraits of the SuperMasculine Menial, Amazon, Omnipotent Administrator and the Ultrafeminine.  These sexual image classes come to life in his theory about the historically racist society that borne them.  The natural emotional entanglements and repercussions that result are unfolding right before us. I can discuss this topic alone at length.  But, if you want to understand why the opening Monday Night Football skit (Nov 2004), which ended with a  near-naked blonde in the arms Terrell Owens, outraged many white men while many Black men didn’t understand what the fuss was about, then read Part Four!

Speaking of sports, “Haven’t you ever wondered,” Eldridge asks, “why the white man genuinely applauds a Black man who achieves excellence with his body on the field of sports, while he hates to see a Black man achieve excellence with his brain?”

This book made me “adjust” my attitude toward white women.  My reaction when I realized that I was “indoctrinated” by a Euro-centric beauty standard was not as nearly as extreme as Eldridge’s who says, “I flew into a rage at myself, at America, at white women, at the history that had placed those tensions of lust and desire in my chest”.  I simply, treat “Beckys” as if they’re invisible and give them no acknowledgement whatsoever.  My interaction, if necessary, is absent of  eye-contact and full of disdain, simply as a matter of principle.  This is of paramount importance.

I am starting a local chapter of Ofay Watchers Anonymous.  Anyone interested in joining?


(written:  11/30/2004)


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