The Strength of the Linchpin

History is what happened to us in the past. Heritage is what, in the present, we understand about our history. Hope is what we give to the future based on what has happened in the past and what we understand about that experience.

[Consider the following analogy…] Between every car on a train there is a linchpin. The linchpin joins the front car to the one that is next behind. It is not the strength of the front car that pulls the back car.  It is the strength of the linchpin, which joins the first to the last.  Do you see?  Our history has been strong and deserves a future.  Our hope is great and needs a pull from the past.  History, however, does not touch Hope without Heritage.  History cannot touch Hope unless we stand as the linchpin, joining the past to the future.

Cathy Hughes


I ask…

Do we truly feel the gravity of this responsibility?

Knowing that our ancestors had the foresight to consider many generations into the future, are our ancestors proud of our deeds or are they frowning at our inertia?  Just as we, the descendants of our ancestors, depended on them. It will be our descendants, who will look on us as their ancestors.  Can our descendants depend on us?

Makes me wonder… How will our generation will be looked upon 500, 1000 or even 2500 years from now?  Will they owe us an unpayable debt of gratitude?  Will they read their ourstory and find inspiration? ….

Begin with the End.



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